Twin Trouble

Binding Ecstasy - Setta Jay

Beebs' Review


Book 6 of the Guardians of the Realms series, Bastien and Natasha's story.

Having just read the first 6 books of this series back to back, I keep expecting to get bored with it but it hasn't happened yet. This book focuses on the relationship between Bastien and Tasha but we also get glimpses into the relationships between Sander & Nastia and Drake & Delia. I'm looking forward to Drake & Delia's book because there are serious hurdles in their way and I'm dying to see how it's going to work out. Bastian and Tasha's relationship was sweet and hot, Tasha is another strong heroine and the dialogue between her and her twin sister after Nastia caught her with Bastian was really funny.

A lot happens with the ongoing story arc in this book and things on that front are really getting interesting with new protagonists getting thrown into the mix as well. I'll be reading the next book ASAP.

*Received this book free from Netgalley