Ruthless is Right

A Ruthless Proposition  - Natasha Anders

Beebs' Review


OMG! Ruthless is right, there were several times during this book I was at the point of DNF'ing because Dante was that much of a complete and utter douche!!!! I am glad I stuck with it though.

Dante is a hugely successful hotel chain owner who is used to getting everything he wants, he has it all but trusts no-one and has very few real friends. Cleo is the sister of one of those friends and Dante is so used to people sponging off him that he assumes she applied for a job in his company because of his friendship with her brother. He knows nothing about Cleo and doesn't bother to try and get to know her either.

Cleo had a promising career as a ballet dancer but that dream ended due to a bad fall and she has been drifting through life ever since. She applied for the job with Dante's company not realising he was her brother's friend Dan since they had never actually met. Dante treats her horribly from the start, giving her menial tasks, watering his plants, making his coffee and sending her to work in other departments because of one mistake on her first day in the job. He takes her to Tokyo with him because there was no-one else available and they end up falling into bed together, even then he still doesn't bother getting to know her and actually calls her by the wrong name when they are in bed together, see douche!

They both agree that this thing between them will end when they get back to Cape Town but of course that doesn't happen. I don't want to give away too many spoilers but there were many, manymany times throughout the story when I wanted to pull Dante out of the book just so I could slap him.

The rest of the story has some truly heartbreaking events but eventually, Dante does get his head out of his a$$ and in my opinion, though he doesn't grovel enough, he does prove to be a good guy and the man Cleo deserves. There is also a lovely epilogue that left me smiling at the end. I will definitely read more of this author's books.

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