Cute Cuddly Bear

Out of Bounds (The Boundaries Series) - A.R. Barley

Beebs' Review


Jesse is a sophomore in college, beaten up by his room-mate, he is found on campus by another student who gets him to hospital and finds him a room in another dorm. Jesse is naturally terrified when his new room-mate is huge and is afraid to do anything in case he turns out to be the same as his previous room-mate.

Nick is furious when he wakes up to find himself with a new room-mate but when he hears his story, he is nothing but kind to Jesse. He gives him clothes to wear, feeds him and does everything he can to make him comfortable including putting a line down the middle of the room that he promises never to cross. When he sees how nervous Jesse is about going around campus on his own, he walks him to classes, waits to walk him back and slowly Jesse comes to trust him.

Jesse comes to realise that behind Nick's huge gruff exterior lies a sweet, cuddly teddy bear who will do anything to protect those he cares about. Nick has been on his own for a long time and has no idea of his own self-worth. This leads to some tension between them later on in the book but everything works out nicely and these two really are perfect together.

AR Barley is a new to me author but I believe she writes m/f stories under a different pen-name. I really enjoyed this book and am definitely interested in reading the next book.

*Received from Netgalley