So freaking sweet!

I Wish You Were Mine  - Lauren Layne

Astrid's short and sweet review



Big love



This is one of those books when you read them you feel you'll be completely satisfied at the end. It was incredibly sweet. But let me explain.


Jackson is an ex-football player. After a car accident he can't play football any longer, his wife leaves him viciously, claiming that he cheated on her. Having lost his job and his wife, basically his whole life, he moves to New York to find his footing again and to lick his wounds.


Mollie is Jackson's ex-wife's sister. She has been his pillar, friend, confidant. He knows he can rely on her. Coincidentially she lives in New York.

Mollie was such a smart and lovely person. She was somebody you want to be friends with, deeply loyal and without a vicious bone in her body. Jackson was rough around the edges with a big soft core, why he would end up with somebody like Madison is beyond me. Our hero and heroine made a sizzling mix of sensuality and emotions. I adored their chemistry, their friendship which turned into more before my eyes. Now Madison, ex-wife from hell, is a shallow bitch I loved to hate.


Lauren Layne's writing is effortless and has a flow I just love. I really need to read her Stiletto stories! Her stories set my heart aflutter and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.