Happy For Now

Jefferson Blythe, Esquire - Josh Lanyon

Beebs' Review


I hesitate to categorise this as a romance, if pushed I would say it was happy for now rather than happy ever after. I wasn't convinced that Jeff and George were in love at the end of this book, that said I would really like to see a sequel to see how things played out between them.

I really enjoyed the story though, parts of it had me laughing out loud and I read most of the book with a smile on my face. It was very much in the style of the old English slapstick comedies, the bad guys were totally inept and Jeff just kept getting himself tangled up with them. Fans looking for something similar to the Adrien English or Holmes & Moriarity series won't find that here, this is very different in style to those books but it is a fun, enjoyable read nonetheless.

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