Mind Blown

Maelstrom - Jordan L. Hawk

Beebs' Review


Wow! Book 7 in the Whyborne & Griffin series and just when I thought this series must be nearing the end this book came along and blew my mind.

Whyborne and Griffin are back in Widdershins but any plans for a quiet life are not to be, we join them in the midst of preparations for Christine and Iksander's wedding. Told in alternating POV's , we get to know each character better. Griffin is a man for the modern age, embracing new technology, the telephone, his new car whereas Whyborne hates all this new fangled nonsense, why would you want to talk to someone when you could just write them a message and surely travelling at speeds of 20 miles an hour is extremely dangerous. There were some hilarious scenes when Griffin drove Percy to work, his inner dialogue was just so funny. Percy is still clueless about people and cannot understand why his secretary is constantly blushing when he speaks to her or offers her a little praise. Whyborne is a bit cruel to his father in this book but given their past history, it is understandable that he questions his father's motives now.

Griffin has a new mystery to solve and Whyborne is busy at the museum but evil is lurking and Percy is in more danger than ever. I don't want to give too much away but things in Widdershins are moving forward at a rapid pace and after that ending, I cannot wait for book 8.