Opposites Attract

A Seditious Affair - K.J. Charles

Beebs' Review


Dominic and Silas have been meeting up for anonymous sex once a week for the past year. They meet in a brothel and don't know anything about each other, Silas knows that Dominic is a Gentleman and that he definitely isn't but that's about it. They have slowly been coming to like each other despite their differences when disaster strikes, Dominic goes out on a raid seeking a traitor writing seditious pamphlets with a colleague from the Home Office and finds himself facing Silas.

They vow to stay away from each other after this but they just can't, they continue with their weekly meetings knowing that things cannot possibly end well. As they continue to get to know each other they both realise that their beliefs are not as straightforward as they had previously thought, there are no absolutes. They both have to make huge changes in their lives if they want to stay together.

The historical details in this book were amazing, as it is woven around the upheaval at the end of the regency, with the death of George the III and George IV about to take over. Richard's book is up next, he was a huge ass for much of this book and the last although he did step up when he was needed. I cannot wait to read more about him and the resourceful Cyprian.