Teenage Angst

Liam Takes Manhattan (Elder Races) - Thea Harrison

Beebs' Review


The third and final book in a trilogy of novellas about the Cuelebre family.

Liam has been growing up really fast, due to another growth spurt, his body and Dragon are young adults and it is taking him and his parents a little time to adjust. He acts like a lot of teenagers in this book, he's feeling rebellious, resenting parental guidance and he is trying to figure out his place in the world. On top of that, he and everyone else are still struggling with the outcome of events in Shadow's End and his Dragon is fighting against the dominance of Dragos' dragon.

I really enjoyed this trilogy of novellas, I think they were necessary to explain Liam's growth cos he went form being a baby to a teen really, really fast. I think anyone who hasn't read this trilogy will struggle with that concept in later books.

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