Beebs' Review Tempted

Tempted: The Wicked Woodleys - Jess Michaels

Juliet is the village healer, as a reward for curing Lady Woodley when she was ill, she is taken to London to enjoy society and perhaps meet a husband. Juliet goes along with this plan, though she is uncomfortable with it because she can see that there is something between her father and Lady Woodley. Gabriel is the youngest Woodley son, he is an academic and has no time for society and can't understand why the thoughts of Juliet with a husband bothers him. Of course, everyone else knows they are in love even if they haven't realised it themselves yet.

I always worry when I start reading in the middle of a series that I will have missed a lot and won't know what's happening but happily that wasn't the case here. Yes, I had missed a lot by not reading the first two books but enough background information was given that I was able to keep up. Much of what I missed in the previous books revolves around the mystery of Gabriel's missing twin sister. He has been searching for her since she went missing but has had no success, Juliet offers to help him search and this leads to them spending time together and coming to realise they are in love.

Overall, I enjoyed this book more for the mystery than the romance. I'm giving it 3 stars because I had to suspend my disbelief more than I liked and because there wasn't enough information given to discern which period of history it was set in.

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