Assassin's Kiss

Assassin's Kiss - Sharon Kay

Beebs' Review


Book 2 in the Watcher's Kiss series

In his previous life Scorpio was an assassin for an evil demon, in order to save his younger brother and sister from torture and worse he was forced to kill on command. He is sent to kill a mage, Pennar and the consequences lead to the Bronwy coven being run off their lands and under the thumb of Damien, leader of the Vespera coven.

Scorpio is now a Lash Watcher, on a mission with his team he is suddenly ported to Bronwy to answer for the consequences. Once there, he immediately scents his mate and is confused when she doesn't recognise him as her mate too, another consequence of his actions all those years ago.

It takes a while for Tessa and the rest of her village to realise that Scorpio was as much a victim of circumstance as them but they come to trust him and believe he wants to help put things to rights. Just in the nick of time, if his plans aren't successful Tessa will suffer.

I hadn't read the first book in this series but I don't think that mattered, it reads well as a standalone. I enjoyed the world building, loved the couple and thought the relationship was realistically played out. There was no insta-love from Tessa, Scorpio had to work to make her love and trust him.


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