Sever - J.M.  Miller

Beebs' Review


This is a short intense read, the story is quite dark but it is lightened by the time Syn and Damien (Stripes) spend together. The book alternates between past and present showing how the relationship between them develops and how they got to this point.

Due to a very traumatic event in her childhood Syn is very wary of people and never truly lets anyone into her life. Every time she starts to make friends something happens causing her to sever all ties and leave them behind. Damien is one of those people, they meet as 12 year olds when Syn saves him from some bullies but Syn moves away shortly after and they don't see each other for several years. When they meet again they are 18 and fall hard for each other. Syn makes the decision to leave Damien because she feels that she will hold him back, Damien is devastated and wants to stay together but she makes it impossible.

They are 23 now and still very much in love, they have met up again in some very strange circumstances but that is the least of their worries. Someone is out to hurt them both and is willing to go to extreme measures to do it.

This is not something I would usually read but the blurb caught me and I decided to give it a go. I'm glad I did, I really enjoyed it. Only one little niggle, I would have liked a little more of Tanner's POV, I wanted to know what it was that prompted him to keep turning up in Syn's life.

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