Getting Him Back

Getting Him Back - K.A. Mitchell

Beebs' Review

Ethan heads off to college with his head full of plans for life with his boyfriend Blake, Blake has a different idea however and dumps him on his first day. Blake came across as a bit of an ass because he kept blowing hot and cold on Ethan, pushing him away one minute, texting and apologising the next.

Initially, Ethan plans on using Blake's room-mate for information, finding out if he knows why Blake dumped him and what he can do to get him back. But as he gets to know Wyatt, things change and their relationship soon develops from no-strings sex to love.

I really liked Ethan and Wyatt, Wyatt has had a really tough life and the relationship development between them was lovely, even though it felt a bit rushed. But, there is another book and I am looking forward to reading more about them.


*Received from Netgalley in exchange for and honest review.