Two to Wrangle

Two to Wrangle - Victoria Vane

Beebs' Review


Part 2 in the Hotel Rodeo series, this book took up exactly where we left off in part 1. Monica has stayed in Las Vegas to oversee Tom's funeral arrangements and finalise his business affairs. Evan the obnoxious douche is still lingering and trying to convince Monica to return to New York with him and to sell him the hotel. Tom's will puts a spanner in his manipulations because he didn't leave everything to Monica as everyone thought and this gives Ty a chance to convince Monica to stay with him and give the hotel a chance. We find out what Delaney wanted from Ty and though I wasn't all that surprised, I was surprised by what she offered in exchange. I found both exes to be selfish and manipulative but I think Delaney might get a chance at redemption in part 3, we'll see.

I enjoyed part 2 much more than part 1, probably because Ty and Monica actually talked to and listened to each other this time around. There were a couple of occasions when I wanted to slap Monica for her dithering but overall I enjoyed the story and the happy ending. Ty really pulls out all the stops when it comes to something he really wants.

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