Hawke: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel (Carolina Cold Fury Hockey) - Sawyer Bennett

Beebs' Review


Let me start first by saying that this is my first Sawyer Bennett book so obviously I hadn't read the previous books in this series. Thankfully that didn't matter, this book reads very well as a standalone, probably a few spoilers for previous books in the series but this book is very much focused on Vale and Hawke.

Hawke and Vale met as kids and fell instantly in love, they were inseparable from day one and nothing existed for them but each other. All Hawke's dreams were coming true, he had Vale, he'd just gotten his place in a major team and everything is perfect. That all ends the day he is leaving when Vale tells him she no longer loves him and pushes him away.

Hawke has spent the last seven years living the dream, his career is on the up, he parties hard and plays the field, with women throwing themselves at him, why not? He gets a shock when he arrives for practice to discover that Vale is the new athletic trainer and is surprised at the anger and hurt that rise to the surface when he sees her.

Vale had her reasons for pushing Hawke away the way she did and I did guess at what happened almost immediately and found it frustrating at how long she waited to tell Hawke her reasons. Despite their history, the minute Hawke hears that Vale's dad is ill, he immediately sets out to help in any way he can. He was very sweet in the way he supported her through all that was going on and he was wonderfully supportive when she told him her reasons for pushing him away when they were younger but he was still a total ass when she confessed that she still loved him. He did redeem himself when he managed to get his head out of his ass and the epilogue was very sweet even if the ending felt a little abrupt to me.

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