Six of Hearts - L.H. Cosway
Astrid's review
4.5 Clever Stars!
I wanted to make more teaser pics but unfortunately I didnt get around doing them. Maybe I'll add some in the next couple of days.
This was the first time I read one of L.H. Cosway's books. I loved the premise, having an illusionist as a hero who is out to get revenge. This person is Jay - when he was a teenager he was abused by his father. One night when he hid from his father his home was burned down by thugs and his family died. He then went on to live with his uncle in the US of A. Fast forward 15 years and we find out that Jay, now a famous illusionist, has returned to his home in Ireland. He goes to see a solicitor being defamed by a journalist for causing the death of a volunteer during one of his tricks.
The solicitor's daughter is Matilda, a fairly shy girl and no stranger to loss either. When she was young her mother was shot and killed by thugs in her own house, her father injured and she took away scars in her face from the assault. She is self concious and quite insecure, not only because of the scars but also because of her inexperience with men and not being able to find a suitable guy to hook up with. After all, we don't settle, we want EPIC LOVE.
Those two meet at her father's office and Matilda is quite taken with Jay. He has become an incredibly charming guy and most of the time I wanted to kiss him for being absolutely fantastic.

Their chemistry is great and Matilda finds herself wanting more than friendship but Jay keeps pulling back which (naturally) causes Matilda to feel even more insecure.

I loved those two together - there was a sweetness about how Jay handled Matilda, even when he rejected her. He made sure to explain why he couldn't be with her - without revealing his motives though.

I might tell you that you're mine, but you need to understand that it goes both ways. I belong to you, too. 
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While you progress in the story you can actually guess where this is going yet it is so freaking clever that you still get a kick out of the solution. I loved every word of this now i'm onto the next installment!