The Hunter

The Hunter - Kerrigan Byrne

Beebs' Review


I haven't read the previous book in this series, something I intend to remedy ASAP, but I don't think that book is relevant to this story, this is Christopher and Millie's story.

Christopher Argent is an assassin for hire, he is hard, cold and impervious to all softer emotions until he is hired to kill Millie. Millie is a famous actress, she lives for the stage and her son Jakub, although she fears danger is stalking them both.

I loved Millie, she has worked hard to pull herself out of the London tenements and strives at her craft to stay at the top. Jakub was a lovely little boy, intense, studious and quiet but very relevant to the relationship building between Millie and Argent. Some of the sweetest scenes in this book occurred between Argent and Jakub.

My heart though belongs to Argent, his life story is horrendous and it is small wonder that he has become so hard and cold. He needed the strength of Millie and the sweetness of Jakub to pull him from the darkness he'd been lost to for so long.

The mystery was good and quite spine chilling, though I did guess the culprit quite early on, I was still on tenterhooks at times. I really enjoyed this and will definitely be seeking more books by this author.


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