Dirty Little Lies

Dirty Little Lies - Clare James

Beebs' Review


Stevie and her boyfriend Max have been having problems and to top it all off she's just discovered he's cheating on her. While he's away on business she moves into a hotel with her bird Free until she decides what to do with herself now.

Fuelled up on ice cream and wine she reads a Cosmo six-step article and decides she needs to get her sexy back. In the hotel bar she meets Gabe and he offers to help her with her project.

Gabe is gorgeous, he's sweet, sexy and funny and pulls out all the stops to make Stevie happy. I loved Gabe, he brings Stevie to a sex club and she discovers what she's been missing in the bedroom. The relationship was a bit one-sided in my opinion, Gabe gave all while Stevie was always holding back.

I thought Stevie was shallow and immature, twice in this book she was let down by the men in her life and while I could understand her not wanting to talk to them, she didn't even listen to voice mails or read messages. There is a big misunderstanding near the end that could have easily been resolved if she had just listened to her messages.

Hot sex, some humour and a happy for now ending. Will I read the next.....probably.

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