Beauty and the Bull Rider

Beauty and the Bullrider - Victoria Vane

Beebs' Review


Book 3 in the Hotel Rodeo series, Zac and Delaney's story.

I had real problems with Delaney in the first two books because she came across as a real bitch and her interactions with, and attitude towards Ty were quite nasty. We get to see things from her POV this time around and while her attitude towards Ty is not necessarily forgivable, it is a little more understandable.

Zac though, he is just yummy. He knows what he wants and he wants Delaney, has wanted her in fact, for eight years but had to sit back and watch her elope with his best friend and then have her hold him partly responsible for the break up.

Zac goes all out in his plans to get Delaney, she wants a baby daddy and he offers his services but when she says she wants it through artificial insemination, he convinces her convinces her to do it the fun way instead. The scenes with them in the clinic are very funny and watching Zac slowly winning Delaney around was lovely. Hope there's some more soon.

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