A Gentleman's Position

A Gentleman's Position - K.J. Charles

Beebs' Review


4.5 stars rounded up

Richard and Cyprian's book, I've been waiting for this since the beginning. Richard was so very arrogant and so judgemental of Dominic in the last book, he really needed to be brought down a peg or two and Foxy Cyprian was just the man to do it.

This book picks up immediately where book 2 finished, Maltravers is still determined to bring Silas to justice and has finally found the way to do it with an incriminating letter Ash wrote to Francis. It doesn't matter that the letter would see his brother hanged, Maltravers is willing to use any means possible to get what he wants including blackmailing his brother.

Of course Cyprian steps in to save the day and save it he does in spectacular fashion. Richard had a couple of TSTL moments early in the book and he was very lucky that he had Cyprian to sort him out, I was so happy to see these two finally get together, they've been pining for each other for 5 years after all. Great end to the series :)

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