Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy: A Sugar Bowl Novel - Sawyer Bennett

Beebs' Review


Sela was brutally raped when she was 16, she has blocked most of her memories of that time and is getting on with life, except she's not really living just going through the motions. Seeing a TV interview about Jonathan Townsend brings her carefully structured world crumbling down when she recognises him as her rapist.

Once the shock wears off, Sela immediately starts plotting her revenge and the first step is to infiltrate the Sugar Bowl, JT's very lucrative business that matches older men with younger women in exchange for certain benefits to be agreed between the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby.

At her first party as a Sugar Baby, Sela meets Beck North JT's business partner and he puts a serious kink in her plans for revenge. They fall hard for each other and Sela is torn between her revenge and hurting Beck, in the end she decides to stay with Beck and forget about her revenge until an encounter with JT convinces her that she has to go through with it. she cannot let this man continue to wreak havoc on other women's lives.

So, the premise of the book was good, I could totally understand Sela's thirst for revenge, what I couldn't stand are the secrets. There was a plot point where Beck proved that he could be trusted but she still didn't tell him and needless to say when he found out she'd been keeping secrets (not what the secrets are) he was really angry. Sadly, it just didn't work for me, I couldn't connect with either character. That said, I will probably read the other books because my OCD will demand to know what happens next.

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