Mr and Mr Smith

Mr and Mr Smith - HelenKay Dimon

Beebs' Review


New to me author, despite the huge backlist :D :D

Fisher and Zach are both spies for the CIA, Zach knows about Fisher but Fisher is unaware of Zach's involvement. When the proverbial hits the fan, Fisher is understandably hurt and betrayed because he had fallen hard for Zach and now he thinks it was all a lie. Zach was deep undercover and initially Fisher was part of the assignment but he fell for him and has been trying to protect him ever since.

They are dealing with some really nasty people and Zach needs to go back in and finish the job, Fisher is torn between wanting to keep him safe and telling him to go to hell. But when push comes to shove his feelings for Zach won't let him go back in unprotected so he follows him and pulls him out.

I enjoyed this one and I am hoping we get Hunter's story next because there is definite potential there. A few editing problems but I expect those will be fixed before release.

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