Beta Test

Beta Test - Annabeth Albert

Beebs' Review


Book 2 in the Gaymers series

Tristan and Ravi start work in the Space Villager offices on the same day and they are complete and utter opposites. Tristan is the conservative, buttoned tight MBA and Ravi is the cool confident artist. On first impression they don't like each other very much and have nothing in common. After a bout of food poisoning fells everyone else in the office it's down to the two of them to get their presentation to Seattle and ready in time for a games conference.

Thus begins a road trip and a journey of self-discovery for both men. It is lovely to see them come to realise that they're really not so different and have a lot more in common than they think. There is a little angst mostly due to their respective families but they sort it out fairly quickly. These men are very sweet together and very good for each other. I don't want to give away too much but I loved it, loved the little cameos from Adrian and Noah, loved the very sweet epilogue, loved it all.

Now if I could just have a book for Josiah ASAP, that would be the icing on the frappuccino :D

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