Come What May

Come What May - A.M. Arthur

Beebs' Review


*Sigh* I just wanna grab Jonas and Tate, wrap them up and protect them from the world.

Jonas has been sent to Wilmington to stay with his aunt and uncle as punishment for a frat prank gone very, very wrong. While working in their thrift store, he meets Tate who runs a shelter for homeless kids across the street. Their first meeting is prickly to say the least, Jonas is buried very deep in the closet and Tate brings out feelings he needs to keep hidden or his overbearing douche of a father will cut him off entirely. Nothing he has ever done has made his father happy, he's not smart enough, isn't the perfect politician's son, isn't ambitious enough and being gay would just be the final nail in the coffin.

Tate has had a very difficult life, both parents died before he was 16 and he has had to fight ever since to get and keep his younger sisters with him. Add that to the pressures of running a shelter and he doesn't have time for a boyfriend and definitely not someone still in the closet but he is smitten the minute he sets sights on Jonas.

This book could have been very depressing, there are some very disturbing facts in there but it doesn't lose itself in those, it focuses on family, actual or chosen, and the importance of having good people around you who accept you for what you are. That is what Jonas discovers in Wilmington, acceptance, between Tate and his aunt and uncle he learns that there are people who will love you as you are not for what they think you should be.

There are some amazing secondary characters in here and I can't wait for stories for some of them, Marc in particular.

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