Fierce & Fabulous - Elizabeth Varlet

Beebs' Review


Sassy Boyz Book 1

Fitch is.......steady. He's the dependable son, brother, friend. He's out celebrating his sister's birthday as designated driver when he sees the most beautiful woman he's ever seen dancing on stage, he's instantly hooked but the biggest shock of all is that he's still hooked when he discovers that beautiful woman is a man. As a joke, his sister and her friends buy him a lap dance but the instant chemistry between these two is off the charts HOT. To the shock ofeveryone, they kiss and sparks fly.

Ansel fucking Becke is FIERCE and the last thing he needs is to be a straight man's experiment but there is just something about Fitch.......he makes him hope, something he gave up on when he ran away from home at 17.

Needless to say things are not straightforward for these two, Ansel's past is reaching out to drag him back down, he falls temporarily but his friends and Fitch pull him back and give him the strength to fight through.

At times it felt like the conflict was resolved too easily but the chemistry between Fitch and Ansel practically jumps off the page. So yes, there's insta-lust/love but I was rooting for them all the way through and the ending had me squeeing happily, can't wait for the other Sassy Boyz' stories.

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