What the Duke Wants

What A Gentleman Wants  - Caroline Linden

Beebs' Review


This is a re-print of a previously published work, I read a digital ARC of this reprint

Hannah is about to lose her home having been recently widowed. Her only option is to move her and her daughter back to her father's house which is a daunting prospect because he is recently remarried and doesn't really want them. As she is preparing to move there is a carriage accident and she takes care of the victim David. After learning of her problems and feeling grateful, David offers her a marriage of convenience promising to look after her and her daughter. However, the night before the wedding David has second thoughts and on the day of the wedding signs his twin Marcus, Duke of Exeter's name in the marriage register. Unaware of the deception, Hannah goes to London with him where David dumps her but not before telling the newspapers and family of the Duke's marriage.

Marcus is absolutely furious and plans to send Hannah away immediately but can't because of the notice in the paper and his family's arrival in town to congratulate them. I have to admit that I found the beginning of the book a bit unbelievable and read much of it with a raised eyebrow but what followed was a really enjoyable read. The relationship build-up between Marcus and Hannah was very well done, we see the haughty Duke slowly softening towards Hannah and her daughter and watch Hannah come to realise that the man behind the Duke is a really good man. He does his best to look after everyone, they talk to each other, there are no big misunderstandings between them.

There is a side story about a counterfeiting ring and a jealous cousin who is trying to get rid of the twins so he can be Duke which gives some drama towards the end of the book and is wrapped up very neatly. All in all I enjoyed this book, it wont be added to the favourites list but it was fun while it lasted.

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