Astrid's Royal Savage review

Royal Savage  - Victoria Ashley

Victoria Ashley has woven a raw and emotional story around a bad boy and a sassy courageous young woman.

Royal Savage is said bad boy. He is a hot mess. He is tough. He's also hardened - inside and out. He kills, never for fun but out of necessity. And he's broken... Along comes Avalon, she has a huge heart and sees right through Royal. She works to slowly break down Royal's walls.

When I hit the 50% mark I was still wondering how Avalon would heal this completely broken man. It all came together in the end.

The plot isn't new and I could put the hints sprinkled throughout the story together which made it predictable but not less enjoyable. One niggle I had in the end

was when Royal meets his daughter for the first time he lifts her up and carries her upstairs because he wants to tuck her in. Avalon only says "She'd love that". Mind this 2 years old girl just met her father for the first time, to her he is a complete stranger. I can let it slide that she didn't cry when he just storms at her and lifts her up but that was a little bit unrealistic.

(show spoiler)

Other than that I really loved those two together. The last chapter is one of the most beautiful I've read so far. Oh and kudos to Victoria Ashley for writing one of the biggest douchebags of ex-boyfriends I had the pleasure of reading about!

***Complimentary copy directly from the author - this does not affect my opinion***

One of the sweetest ideas to hand out ARCs came from Victoria Ashley this year. She asked people following her on facebook to leave their Kindle email addresses, she would randomly send ARCs to them. I was one of them. Thank you so much, Ms. Ashley, I'm so happy and honored.