Layers - T.L. Alexander

Beebs' Review


Jaxson is the poster boy rich guy, used to getting what he wants when he wants it until he meets Alexia. She is the first woman to tell him no and he doesn't know what to do with that, he has no idea how to woo a woman. Alexia has her reasons for staying away from Jaxson, she wants him but is determined to stay away from him until that is no longer an option. someone has been embezzling funds from Jaxson's company and they've made it look like it was Alexia, rather than have her arrested and jailed, Jaxson has her put under house arrest, at his house.

It's all a little OTT and a bit unbelievable at times but for the most part it's a fun read. The dialogue between Alexia and her friends is hilarious as is her inner dialogue although it could have been toned down a bit. There were times when her seemingly light-hearted dialogue didn't match up with what was going on.

I had a couple of little niggles, the time-line felt off to me, she was supposed to stay in Jaxson's house for ninety days but the way I read it she was there for about 16 weeks. And as I mentioned the dialogue was a little overdone at times.

So due to those little niggles I'm going with 3.5, I will be reading the rest of the series soon because my OCD won't let me rest until I find out how it ends.

*Received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review