Ivan's Captive Submissive

Ivan's Captive Submissive (Submissive's Wish Book 1) - Ann Mayburn

Beebs' Review


Gia offers herself for sale at an auction for several reasons, she will raise money for an animal shelter she works at, she will earn enough for herself to put a deposit on a house but most importantly she will find someone who can finally help her reach her subspace. She has been trained by an experienced Dom and Domme and dabbled in the BDSM club scene but has never managed to reach that level of trust with anyone.

She is bought by Ivan and they fall in immediate insta-lust with each other. He proceeds to make all Gia's fantasies come true and decides that one week will not be enough so he persuades her to go back to Russia with him. She agrees to go for another week but has to return to work after that because she has no more vacation time left.

And that is basically it!! There are a lot of very hot sex scenes and at the end of two weeks they are in love and planning to get married, the end. I don't get it! I got the lust, that came through loud and clear but I'm having a hard time believing they were in love after such a short time together very little of which wasn't spent having sex. An epilogue may have helped me believe a little more but tbh I doubt it.

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