Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear - Aidan Wayne

Beebs' Review


Loud and Clear is a very short, very sweet novella about 2 men who have difficulties with every day life.

Jaxon is doing ok, despite his severe Dyslexia, he is working as a cabbie and for the most part he loves his job. Caleb is a new regular, Jaxon thinks he's gorgeous and way out of his league but finds it curious that Caleb never speaks. Things get a little awkward when Caleb starts leaving little notes because Jaxon is afraid to attempt to read them in front of him.

As they get to know each other, which presents it's own problems, it emerges that Caleb has a very severe stutter and struggles with strange people and unfamiliar situations. It was lovely watching them work things out and support each other but I really would have liked more.

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