Gays of our Lives

Gays of our Lives - Kris Ripper

Beebs' Review


Queers of La Vista, Book 1

Emerson has been diagnosed with MS and is very angry at the world and everyone in it. He sees it as a weakness when he has to ask for help or horror of horrors rely on his cane. A chance meeting on a bus brings Obie into his life and sloooooooowly, things start to change.

Emerson was a total douche for most of the book and spent all of his time pushing Obie away even though that wasn't what he really wanted. Luckily, Obie is persistent and doesn't give up on him. Emerson eventually comes to realise that he has some very good people in his life and that they actually want to help and that asking for help when needed is not a weakness.

Obie was a great character but I felt that I didn't know him as well as I would have liked and there are some great side characters in Emerson's students and Obie's friend Mildred. maybe there will be more about them in future books.

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