Compromised - Bailey Queen

Beebs' Review


Ben is going through a rough patch, though it isn't stated he is clearly suffering from PTSD. He's out on his bike considering ending it all when he comes across a bar and meets Tanner. They have a one night stand and when Tanner goes to sleep, Ben runs.

Fate has different ideas though when Ben is sent to investigate a murder it's in Tanner's home town and Tanner might be on the hit list.


I really liked the premise of this book, it had real potential but.......I had a fair idea who the murderer was quite early on and once the killer had been caught everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow too quickly and easily for me. I love a HEA and I got one but I felt the ending made it seem like Ben had been worrying for nothing, his parents and work colleagues were great so it seemed like he'd been worried for nothing.


Anyhow, a nice quick afternoon read with a happy ending.


*Received from Nine Star Press in exchange for an honest review