Break (Hard Hit Book 6) - Charity Parkerson

Beebs' Review


Noah and Troy have been best friends forever, when in Vegas celebrating Noah's sign up to a hockey team, they finally act on the sexual tension between them. Something both of them had wanted but were afraid to act upon because they didn't want to lose their friendship. Sadly, Noah feels that they need to hide their relationship because of his career and eventually Troy gets tired of being kept a secret and ends things.


When Troy is in a serious accident, Noah soon comes to realise that labels don't matter and what he feels for Troy is more important than anything else. They begin to work on rebuilding their relationship and it takes time because Troy is afraid to trust Noah after what happened previously.


Although this is quite a short book at only 115 pages, it was very well written and I don't think the story suffered because of it. I hadn't read any of the previous books in the series but this read very well as a standalone even though there were cameos from what I assume were characters in previous books. Sweet short with a lovely HEA and I'd like to see a story for Chip and Gunnar next.


*Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review