On the Brink

On the Brink - Kate Willoughby

Beebs' Review


Prequel to the 'In the Zone' series


Hart is the college Hockey captain and Jeremy is a huge fan who's been lusting after him for a long time. Jeremy is out and proud, one night after a hockey match, he finds his car has been vandalised with hateful slurs painted all over it and his tyres slashed. Hart offers to give him a lift home, things happen but Hart insists he isn't gay and gets angry with Jeremy when he suggests otherwise. They become friends but friends isn't enough for Jeremy and Hart is forced to confront what he really wants.


So far, so good, there was nothing new but it was a nice read. I was enjoying the story AND then it was over. No HEA, no epilogue, nothing!!!


For fans of the series who have read the other books and had therefore met these characters already, this probably wouldn't be a problem. I hadn't and I don't plan on buying the other books in the series in order to find out what happened with Hart and Jeremy. I suppose this is the problem with coming back to something that happened earlier than the original series, the end has already been written. Sadly this means that this book does not work as a standalone, but I'm sure fans of the series who already know these characters will love it.


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