The Deeper He Hurts

The Deeper He Hurts: A Kick Novel - Lynda Aicher

Beebs' Review


Book 2 in the Kick series


Sawyer seeks physical pain to escape the emotional pain he's been bottling up since the loss of his family when he was 16. He hooks up and moves on, never getting close to anyone or letting anyone close to him.


Asher has been hiding in the closet for years, he can't bring himself to tell his family the truth about himself and while he has his friends in Kick, he pretty much keeps himself to himself.


They meet when Sawyer comes to work at Kick for the summer season, there's an immediate attraction and the sexual tension between them is combustible BUT though they hook up, Sawyer runs at every opportunity. It takes him a very long time to open up to Ash about his past and when he finally does, he runs again.


I enjoyed this but it's definitely not for the faint of heart, some of the scenes between these two are very intense and definitely not for everyone.


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