Roped In

Roped In - Marie Sexton, L.A. Witt

Beebs' Review


3.5 really


Graham has been pining after his friend Jackson for years but the one time they tried to move beyond friendship was a disaster, so they pretend it didn't happen and just continue as before. That's no longer enough for Graham, he's tired of the rodeo, tired of being alone and then he meets Kaz.


Kaz is nothing that Graham ever wanted, he's a vegan, animal rights protestor and Graham rides in the rodeo but when they talk, they admit that maybe they've both been a bit hard on each other and when Graham helps Kaz rescue some neglected horses and that's that, Kaz is goner.


This story really didn't go in the way I was expecting, I really thought it was going to be Graham and Jackson for the HEA, that wasn't a bad thing just unexpected, so I'm hoping there's a follow up where we get Jackson's story.


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