Saying It Right

Say It Right - A.M. Arthur

Beebs' Review


4.5 rounded up


Book 2 in the All Saints series


I have been waiting for Marc's story since Come What May, I knew there must be some darkness in his past but what I got here was so much more than I expected.


Marc's backstory and Anthony's downward spiral after he lost his best friend are heartbreaking and Marc's struggle to learn to trust again felt real to me. He knows what Anthony is going through, he's been there, and he's afraid that if Anthony slips he'll drag him back down with him.


They do pull through and slowly learn to trust each other but there's a long road ahead of them and again I think the author kept it real by not making it all sunshine and roses, it is not going to be easy for these guys but they are working to make it through together.


I am already pining for the next book in this series, no idea who it's going to be but there are several characters I'd like to read more about.


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