All Note Long

All Note Long (Perfect Harmony) - Annabeth Albert

Beebs' Review


Perfect Harmony, Book 3


Michelin was a large part of the first 2 books in this series, he was responsible for both previous couples getting their big break and has worked hard to give them a strong start in a fickle industry. It's obvious he's a good man and it's equally obvious there is something going on with him so I was looking forward to finding out what was going on.


Michelin is at a birthday party in a gay bar when he almost literally runs into Lucky, a go go dancer at the bar. He's intrigued but a series of misunderstandings leads to disaster and Michelin being outed very publicly and very much against his, and his record labels wishes.


Michelin is so deep in the closet, it's almost suffocating when you're in his head space. He is very much under the thumb of his record label and his publicist and pretty much just does whatever they tell him. Lucky is dragged along for the ride and, for me, Lucky saved this book from being utterly depressing.


It's only when he almost loses Lucky for good that Michelin finally gets a backbone and starts to take control of his own life. He stops being a doormat for the record label, accepts that he has a lot of support and admitting he's gay is not the end of the world or his career. He finally admits his feelings for Lucky, to Lucky and the rest of the world.


Overall, I enjoyed it but it was a bumpy ride.


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